Support Our 10,000 Bookbag Giveaway on 8.8.09

10,000 Back-to-School Bookbag GiveawayEvery year, thousands of children start a new school year without the proper tools for success. At-Risk children of all races and ethnic backgrounds face numerous challenges that are often ignored and misunderstood.

The Urban Change Movement has provided more than 20,000 bookbags to the greater Washington, DC metropolitan area in an extraordinary way by sponsoring "The 10,000 Back-To-School Bookbag Giveaway." 

This major contribution to the community is a part of "Life Day," a community outreach event sponsored by Urban Change and The Life Center and will include activities for the entire family.  Last year's event was a tremendous success that featured several celebrity guest appearances and widespread political and community support.

In 2011, Urban Change gives back by introducing COLLEGE FEVER! LIVE!

Jay Cameron returns with his latest stage play, "COLLEGE FEVER!". Based upon true stories, "COLLEGE FEVER!" is a MUST SEE production for the ENTIRE family. You will be entertained with LIVE music, poetry and creative elements designed to make a life-long impression upon everyone in attendance.

Esparanza, Brad, Bernard, India and Shannon are on their way to college. Excitement fills the air as graduation approaches. The promises of the future and the anticipation of the "college experience" are the primary topics of conversation among this group. Little do some of them know how their lives are going to change forever with one critical decision. This decision will define the rest of their lives.

In authentic Jay Cameron style, "COLLEGE FEVER!" exposes the rarely discussed aspects of college life. This stage play walks you through the traps set for millions of unsuspecting high school students, college students and their families. It uncovers the lies, the heartbreak and the realities of college life. "COLLEGE FEVER!" reveals everything 'they' don't want you to know. You will walk away from this stage play with your eyes WIDE open.

You will never forget... "COLLEGE FEVER!". 

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